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These sessions were set up to give people with the early signs of dementia and their carers a place to socialise.  The activities are focussed on what the individuals are able to do at a pace which suits them whilst being encouraged and reassured by staff and volunteers.

The weekly activities are mainly picture bingo and dominos which, as well as being fun, help to stimulate the mind.  The sessions are also used to familiarise people with the Centre and for them to feel comfortable interacting with other groups. 

Residents from the local care home look forward to attending the weekly session and one lady is so eager that she helps others to get dressed to ensure they are not late.

 The group takes advantage of many other events held in the Centre such as Health Awareness Day, Annual Festival, Culture Hubs and special intergenerational days.





Occasionally trips are arranged so the groups can have something to look forward to; previous outings have included International Women’s Day and a Dementia Conference.

Our Memory Cafe, FORGET-ME-NOT Sessions are held every Tuesday from 1pm – 3pm

Do You Enjoy a Game of Bingo?

Come down to our memory cafe every Tuesday afternoon. Have fun, make friends. And who knows you might even win!



Thanks to our Sponsor

Co-op local causes have raised a massive £19million since 2017 and we are delighted that thanks to the generosity and hard work of Co-op members we are able to hold our weekly Forget-me-Not Cafe.  Read more about Co-op local causes here…

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