Mini Durham Miners Gala

As Durham Miners Gala was cancelled this year, Shotton Community Hub held our own Mini Miners Gala.  

We had the Brass band play out on the patio area where people sat to listen to their wonderful music.

Extrodinary Gentleman and local singer Kirsty Carr entertained everyone indoors with their wonderful song where people got up to dance and sang along.

A chocolatier provided workshops and demonstrations of how to make chocolate lollies and marshmallows were provided to dip into the chocolate fountain. The children loved this. 

There were inflatables for the children. A bouncy castle for the younger children and a gladiator inflatable for the older children. When it was time to pack up the children didn’t want to leave the inflatables as they were having so much fun .

The Marrar’s joined us with a stand with information on their group and some freebies too.

We also had food and drinks flowing from the Hub Café.  

Overall, we had a huge turnout for the event and our banner took pride of place for all to see.  

Chocolate Fountain and marshmallows Chocolate Fountain Decorations Chocolate Fountain and marchmallows Chocolate Fountain with dipped marshmallows Chocolate Face GladiatorFood & Families Families Bouncy Castle Bouncy Castle. slide Gladiators  Banner Chocolate Lollies Food Brass Band Brass Band Chocolate Guests